What to expect:Intake


Your first appointment at the CAC will be a 2 hour intake appointment. During this appointment, you will be asked to fill out paperwork, a student clinician will gather a detailed background history, and you will receive more information about clinic policies. You are welcome to come prepared with completed forms for your intake appointment. This also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding treatment.

An intake appointment is not considered therapy. This appointment allows you and the student clinician to meet and helps in gaining an understanding of your needs.

  • The supervisor may determine that your needs will be better served by a different student clinician within the CAC or by other service providers outside the CAC.
  • When this is the case, you will be informed of the decision and invited to come back for an appointment with the new clinician or you will be given referral information to an outside provider.

It is important to know that all intake appointments and proceeding therapy appointments are video or audio recorded. This allows supervisors to provide adequate training and guidance.

All recordings are deleted within a designated timeframe and used only for supervision purposes. Videos are kept on a secure computer without connection to the internet.


For assessments, an initial intake appointment is scheduled without cost. During this appointment, the student clinician will gather information to help determine testing procedures that fit your needs. In rare cases, the supervisor and student clinician may determine that testing is not necessary or appropriate. In such cases, you will receive a list of referrals and recommendations for the services you may want to seek.

Prior to your first appointment for assessment you will be asked to fill out paperwork. This is required before having the intake appointment.

Intake paperwork will be sent electronically through files.education.tamu.edu. You will receive 2 emails– one with the paperwork and another with the password. Both emails are needed to access and open the files. Once you open the files, click “download all files” so you can edit them. After you have completed the files, click the plus sign (+) to upload completed documents.